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We envision a world where research is at the forefront of progress and transformation

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At 360° Research Solutions, our mission is to provide exceptional research consultancy services that surpass client expectations.

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At 360° Research Solutions, we value research that positively impact humanity.

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360° Research Solutions Services

Synthesizing Strategic Solutions.

Digital questionnaire Design and Deployment

We design and deploy interactive digital questionnaire that streamline data collection and improve response rate. Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific research needs.

Data collection using Kobo,Survey Solution ODK and Survey Monkey

We utilize industry leading data collection platforms such as Kobo survey Solution ODK and Survey Monkey to gather reliabley and accurately data forv your research project

Graphic Design

We create Logos Certificates Flyers and several other artworks. Graphic design services encompass a wide range of visual communication tasks that involve creating and manipulating visual elements to convey a message or enhance the aesthetics of a project.

Project proposal writing

We provide professional assistance writing research proposals that effectively communicate the significance, objectives and methodologies of a proposed study.Our team ensures that the proposal are compelling, well structuredd and adhere to the highest academic standards.

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Project proposal writing

We write compeling project proposal

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Graphic Designing

Design with us a stylish logo flyer and other artworks

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Data collection

Collect data using digital questionnaires with us

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Literature review and synthesis

we conduct comprehensive literature review, critically analyzing existing tresearch in specific field.

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Strategic consulting

We offer strategic consulting services to help organization translate research findings into actionable strategies

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Competitive analysis

In the competitive research consultancy landscape, 360 research solutions stands out as a leader in delivering exceptional services and achieving impactful outcomes through a comprehensive analysis.

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About 360° Research Solotions

  • 01 We are Dynamic

    360° Research Solutions is a leading research consultancy firm specializing in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. With a team of experienced researchers and state-of-the-art tools, we provide dynamic and comprehensive solutions to help organizations achieve their research objectives

  • we bring you the most effective and efficient solutions to your organisational needs

  • Get instant help with your research tasks and questions. Have questions or need assistance with your research? Chat with our AI-powered Chatbot. Our 24/7 AI-powered Chatbot is here to assist you with grammar checking, conceptual frameworks, literature reviews, and more


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